The Kind Path was established in 2020 by Sydney entrepreneur and businessman, Rowayne Kapugama. Despite working with small business clients and local people on a daily basis, Rowayne felt that he wanted to do more and contribute more towards the wider community.

As an animal lover, he has always been particularly shocked and saddened by animal cruelty and the treatment of animals in confinement and abattoirs.

Just like many Australians, he has also always been unnerved by the shocking numbers of disadvantaged and struggling families and individuals in our capital cities and beyond. He recognised that the homeless in our society not only have limited (or no) access to food and necessities, but they don’t have an opportunity to access vegan meals and ecological resources.

He realised that it was time for change.



The goal of The Kind Path is to promote veganism, raise awareness of animal cruelty, and provide progressive, sustainable, and environmentally friendly support and assistance to displaced and homeless peoples in Australia.

Our crew intends on offering support in a range of ways: vegan food trucks that deliver food to the homeless around Christmas/holiday time; clothing drives that recycle goods to the benefit of homeless people; education for the public around veganism, cruelty-free products, and the state of vagrancy in Australia.

We are committed to alleviating some of the struggles that homeless people face, while also caring for our environment and wildlife at the same time.



We won’t hide from the fact that we are a young charity. We have leaps and bounds to make in terms of making a difference in Australia, but we are firm believers that anything is possible if you have the passion and determination to achieve it.

Over time, we hope to expand our offering and increase our activity in the community. We are open to growth and learning about how we can improve our charitable services.  Currently, our operations are primarily based in New South Wales, but we hope to expand and conquer across the country in future years. There’s no limit to what we can do!