Australia’s Problem With Wasted Clothes

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The disposal of wasted clothes in Australia is creating a severe environmental problem. Prepare to feel a little queasy…

According to some research findings, one in five Australians have thrown away a piece of clothing that was only worn once. Other studies suggest that six tonnes of clothing is going to Australian landfills every ten minutes. If true, that rate is not sustainable and will be creating detrimental and irreversible damage to our environment and wildlife.

As progressive environmentalists, our Australian vegan charity is always shocked and saddened to hear figures like this. By educating the public and providing recycling resources, we hope to do our part in reducing this issue and encouraging more sustainable practices. You can be a part of this goal too – now is the time to rally together, be positive, and think progressively!


What is landfill and what impact does it have?

Landfill sites are a common method for waste disposal, and they are often used in Australia to contain and manage household/commercial waste. When you place goods in your general waste bin, these disposed waste materials are usually sent to landfill.

On a landfill site, garbage and waste materials are buried in an excavated pit where they are then left forever. Unsurprisingly, landfill has serious negative impacts on the environment. It produces hazardous decomposition gases that pollute the air, as well as changing the natural state of the land.

Not only does landfill destroy the geological environment, but it is a threat to animals. Firstly, the creation of a landfill site often involves the destruction of animal habitats. Animals either need to find another habitat, or they will be crushed by the large and powerful machinery used in the excavation process.

Secondly, landfill alters the innate habits of many animals. Instead of hunting for quality food, animals retreat to landfill sites where they can smell and sense that food waste is readily available to them. The organic wastes in landfill are not healthy or wholesome for animals, and it can cause them to be sick or weak. Over time, it may also cause them to lose their natural food-seeking instincts and become less capable of living in the wild.

What’s worse is that animals are highly likely to get injured while mongering through landfill. Broken bottles and sharp materials can cause serious injury or death. Also, birds and small animals can get stuck in plastic bags. If they eat any non-food products, they are likely to suffocate.


What can you do to stop environmental damage because of disposed clothing?

Thankfully, there are ways that we can reduce our environmental impact. Instead of throwing away unwanted clothing, we can choose to recycle it. Easy!

Our vegan charity in Australia is planning a clothing drive where we will collect wasted clothes (in good condition) and provide them to homeless and less fortunate people. Not only will this reduce landfill, but it will give essential goods to our homeless community and help them feel somewhat more comfortable.

Stay tuned and follow our social media channels for more information about our clothing drive.

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